On my blog, I like to share with you my cooking style on variety of foods. And, I also like to share something about foods from what I learnt out there. Please leave a comment if you want to share with me. Hope that you can benefit from my website and blog.

A short film - Bao

I love that story. It's hard on my parents saying good bye to me at the Madras Airport with dad's nephew/mum's niece standing on the ground as I climbed on the escalator to fly off to the States at age of 17, but we knew it was the best for my future education/career opportunities due my deafness. Once I settled down in the States, my parents joined me, eight years later. Guess what? They even brought their own Momo steamer, and showed it that they loved me without declaring it loudly.

Chicken Alfredo

One of my favourite dish, Chicken Alfredo. I met Matt, a photographer for a local Dalton newspaper where I used to live then, & he took a pic of me to be printed with my story as an artist recent graduate from SCAD. There weren't many young people in Dalton so we used to hang out. He cooked Chicken Alfredo on our first date at his place. He taught me and I found it to be very interesting to cook. It became my mother's favourite.


I never tried mushroom risotto in my life until I met Amanda throuh our alumni mutual friends. She took me to a restauarnt in Buckhead that makes the best risotto. It tastes like heaven. She cooked it for us frequently and I always trusted her cooking. Arborio rice's expensive, & we need to keep stirring constantly until rice become soft & thick. It's one of my favourite dish. After she left, I was so dying of eating risotto again. I decided to take on my own cooking, & initially, I made mistakes several times until I made corrections & it came out better. Of course, it's very labor intensive, tedious but it's worth at the end and you can enjoy its superb flavors.