My fondest memory I can recall is the momo dumplings my parents made back in India. This tradition was started by my father who’s Nepali and was taken on by my mother who’s Khasi from the Meghalaya state. We still make momo for dinner after immigrating to the United States, and my parents brought their own Momo steamer. It is hard work and requires a lot of patience.

It was thanks to momo that, under my parents’ guidance, I’ve developed a pleasure for cooking. I started making it every other time one of my best friend Amanda visited with me. She also has great pleasure making them since then. She has realized that every country has a something that consists of dough and stuffing so we came up with the idea of gathering recipes into a website called “little stuffed things” and writing a summary of ethnic restaurant that sell dumplings in your city. We have also experimented with our international friends and made home videos about their dumplings and culture.

Most people know what dumplings are or empanadas, but there are so many other kinds out there: Korean mandu, Polish pierogi, Afghan mantu, Japanese nikuman are just a few of them.

In this website/mobile app, you will see all kinds of dumplings from all around the world and info about them. Find a dumpling you like and search under your city to find restaurant options close to you. This page will hopefully keep on developing and I’ll continue on adding dumplings from different countries and cities with additional information on restaurants providing it.

In addition, there will also be historical background information about the countries like “So what bring it to Afghanistan?” accompanied by their recipe. Enjoy! Please do write feedback once you make dumplings or if you’d like to share your favorite one and it’s not up yet. “Khublei” means Thank you in my mother’s language, Khasi and धन्यवाद in my father’s language, Nepali.